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It's Now or Never: Your Engagement Session

So…you’re engaged! There are so many fun and exciting things that come along with getting engaged! One of those things is planning for your engagement photo session. We have learned a few tips over the years to help guide and direct couples in experiencing an enjoyable engagement session. From what to wear, suggestions on where to go, keep these tips in mind before your upcoming shoot!


Location is everything, so before you choose a spot where everyone else goes because you have seen on Pinterest a thousand times, stop and think of what you really love as a couple and places that reflect that. For example, the photos below are of a couple who go to this tree farm every year to buy their Christmas. It has been a tradition of theirs since they started dating so it would only make sense that they would choose a place that had meaning to them.

In your planning don’t be afraid to incorporate your favorite activities like riding bikes, hiking eating ice cream, or enjoying a walk down the beach. Whatever the scene may be keep it as personal and true to you as a couple as you can.

What to wear.

This is probably one of the more crucial areas to your photo session and it could make you go crazy if you don’t know where to start. Most of our clients in the past have chosen up to two outfits. This has included one dressy and then something a little more casual. That may be for you ladies, a dress and then changing into some jeans or just simply changing out different tops. For the men we have seen a button down with a nice pair of jeans and then maybe changed out to a nicer t shirt or polo. Whatever your style may be our suggestions are these. Be comfortable. The worst thing to do is to buy something that you keep pulling at or feel uncomfortable in all for the sake of a photo. Wear something that fits nice, not something too clingy or too baggy either. Remember if you feel uncomfortable it will show through the photos. Don’t try so hard to match either, find something that compliments the two of you as a couple. Pinterest is a good resource for this because it can give you plenty of ideas of what colors go best together but not making you feel like you should show up looking like twins. Thirdly, consider your location. If you are planning on being outdoors wear colors that will pop and stand out and refrain from your greens, browns etc so that you stand out and not blend too much in your background.

Late Summer Engagment Session at Harkness Park

What time of DAY to schedule?

You may have heard that different times of the day are better for photos then others. Lighting is a major factor in photos and can really affect the style and vision you may have. You want to stay clear of times where the sun is harsh, which is when the sun is directly overhead. (Usually mid-day) unless you have a session that falls on a rainy cloudy day, then any time that day will work. Depending on the time of year you are looking for to schedule shoot for late afternoon, around when the sun is setting or if your brave enough to do an early morning session at sunrise.

What time of YEAR to schedule?

This all depends on you as a couple and the distinct goal you have behind the engagement session. Most couples use this session for their save the dates that roughly go out 6-8 months before their event. Maybe you are getting married in the summer but want to plan for a fall session. When going for that fall look you want to consider when the leaves start changing which is hard to predict sometimes in New England. Schedule from mid October to possibly the first week of November if you are wanting to retrieve those colors in the background. If you are looking for more of a winter style shoot but there is no snow just yet, consider a place that has a lots of greenery and dress up with the with fun hats, boots etc. Be creative in your planning

Consider Professional Hair and Makeup.

We know this option won’t be for every bride, but we have found in the past a few benefits to this tip. First and fore-most I want to clarify this will not make or break your session, if you have not found your hair and makeup artist yet for your wedding maybe consider using a friend or sibling to help you get ready for the shoot, it will help elevate some of the stress you may have of getting ready that day. Secondly, we have seen that this is a good way to get a trial in before the big day so you can get an idea of what the final product will look like. It also gives you the time to make any changes that day as opposed to your wedding day. In the past, we have seen a sense of confidence in our brides who get hair and makeup done for their sessions, again especially for you ladies if you feel comfortable, confident and pretty it will definitely show through your photographs.

Have Fun.

Your engagement session is the perfect time to get to know and connect with your photographer before the big day. The wedding day will be fast paced and busy but your engagement session is a time where we get to know one another and a time we were can really hone in our style and posing you so you don’t feel like robots but two people celebrating their love. It’s also a good time to put up some of those pictures that are more casual than what your wedding day will look like but they will be better than any selfie, I phone photo you have taken in the past. If you come prepared, on time and follow a few these tips there is no doubt in my mind you won’t walk away with an amazing experience. Cheers to your engagement and happy planning!

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